wakeham: April 2006


Monday, April 24, 2006

This is some of my media exposure.

from document snowboard mag. a winter season wall planner poster.

A profile in ARENA mens magazine

This is an advert for elastoplast that was used in mens health magazine.

This is my cover shot on the Febuary issue of Document Snowboard

i have now signed for head.

mens magazine, 8 page fashoin feature

Dan Wakeham

these are my cover shots, first from left to right, top to bottom: 7Sky (a Swiss lifestyle magazine) a roof gap in Tokyo, Japan.
the second, Document snowboard magazine, the trick is an air to fakie at June Mtn California. The third, Baco magazine (an Itilian freesports magazine) the trick is a backflip on a skateboard. To the next row, document snowboard magazine, the trick is a backside air with Ben Kilner holding the sign (the British team issue). The next is Snowboard uks 100th issue, i am doing a hand plant in the pipe on an old craig kelly pro model.
Below i am on the cover of Boys Toys gadget magazine.

my X Elements cover

Esquire magazine, on the bottom left of the magazine sleave,

The contents page.

and then again below some shots from the magazine, the artical was for a Nike ACG fashion shoot.

This is from arena magazine.
this was for a Nike ACG fasion shoot.

This shot is the cover for the Nike ACG catalog

And these are shots from inside the catalog.

All of the snowboard shots are me.

These are my santa cruz adverts

My Snowboard UK interview

Mens fitness magazine

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